General Information

Official language in Norway

The currency in Norway is Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Weather in Oslo in September / October
It is the beginning of autumn in September, and Oslo begins to experience a dramatic transformation as the changing of the seasons brings with it an innate beauty of colors. Temperatures in September drop to a low of 8°C (46°F). Visitors should experience about 5 hours of sunshine everyday, and about 81mm of average rainfall. Although the weather may not be appealing, it is the perfect opportunity to photograph some of the most magnificent backdrops that take effect during this time of year.

Safety in Oslo
Oslo is a safe city with a very low crime rate. Nevertheless, good urban and cautious behavior is always recommended.

Transport to Oslo

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Transportation in Oslo
Public transport in Oslo All the public transport in Oslo and the surrounding county Akershus is part of the same ticket and price system, operated by Ruter. Ruter's tickets are valid for buses, trams, subways, ferries (not the Bygdøy ferry) and local trains. Free travel with the Oslo Pass Public transport within zone 1 (Oslo) and zone 2 is free with the Oslo Pass. This also includes the ferry to the Bygdøy museums, which is not included in the regular tickets. Read more: Free public transport with the Oslo Pass

Emergency contacts

The Meeting Planners: + 45 60217421
Fire, accidents and serious pollution: Tel 110
Police - immediate assistance: Tel 112
Ambulance and Medical assistance: Tel 113

The Meeting Planners
Lyngby Hovedgade 44, 1 A
2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Phone: +45 6021 7421